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           ​  We can embroider our Hats & caps on multiple locations                                       we have access to 100's of styles                                                                        our prices are the lowest 

The Denver Merchandise Mart is located at I-25 and 58th avenue Denver, Colorado.  The Mart is for wholesale only and an appointment is needed.                     Please call our Lakewood, Colorado office at :

303-233-0215 or 800-886-3726 if you would like to visit our showrooms.  We also have every Hat category and 1000's of samples displayed in our showrooms from Dorfman-Pacific company. 

Marijuana Headwear

​From the 60's to Today 

Colorado Leads the Way   

Colorado Custom Wholesale           Embroidery Hats and Caps           

for the Cannabis industry.             

     We work with the largest              

       Head-Wear company in the US.                 Denver showrooms at the                    Merchandise Mart.                  

       Call for an appointment.              

CO. Local: 303-233-0215             

National: 800-886-3726